Getting the Shot

I consider myself a jack of all trades, and a master of none of them, and photography is one of those things that i love and wish i was better, but to be honest I’m pretty much a hack.

I have a love hate relationship with photography. On one hand i love seeing the final images come to fruition after having the idea in your head and imagining how you are going to get the shot to look like what you are imagining. Then on the other hand i hate it as the pressure is on when it comes to getting the shot in a short time frame and sometimes what you imagine in your head just does not translate onto the camera.


Don’t get me wrong everything is possible with proper thought and planning, and usually it is poor planning on my behalf that has let the whole team down and means wasted time trying to get the shot in the wrong conditions. I can only explain it like a mechanic trying to fix a car without the correct tools.

This happens to me at least once every shoot and i find myself getting frustrated because one of the hats doesn’t look good on the model or it gets dropped in the dirt and we don’t have anything to clean it with

Fortunately for me i have a great team around me and have been able to work with some great models that have picked up my slack and remembered the little things so that it lets me just concentrate on getting the job done.