We are Go!

After what feels like an eternity, we finally have the site up and running and to be honest i couldn’t be happier with it. There has been so many people that have helped us out on this journey so far and for that we are forever grateful, whether it was putting in the hours on the website, the girls in the photos getting in icy water to get the shot (that we didn’t even use, sorry Emma), the great and not so great advice we received along the way, and just the general vibe that people gave off when we told them our plans to build a Wool felt hat brand.

But the hard work is just about to begin, and we need everyones help to get the brand out to the public and let them know we are alive. Like i have said  in previous posts we have hats for everyone and every occasion, we have wide brim resort style hats, Fedoras, Cloche and Paperboy with plenty of new styles on the horizon already.

So welcome to our site and welcome to our journey we hope you enjoy the ride

Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon