Hats, Hats and More Hats

We are pretty excited about releasing our New Moon collection to the world in the coming weeks. We now have a house full of hats ready to set free onto the world. We have designed 11 styles of handcrafted wool felt hats across 7 staple earthy colour ways, so you guys have a huge selection of shapes, sizes and colours to choose from.

The New Moon collection takes most of it’s style names from the moons that surround Jupiter – Callisto, Elara.  Saturn – Rhea, Pandora, Atlas, Helene.  Neptune – Larissa, Thalassa. The remaining  three are astrological names for certain features found on the planets. We have always loved getting away from the city lights and looking up at the stars and wondering what is out there hence the name New Moon collection and the names of our styles.

Our online store is open 24 hours and is a breeze to navigate, we offer payment by credit card and Paypal and shipping is free Australia wide. Be one of the first to get your hands on a hand made Third Stone wool felt hat.

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