It’s All in the Name!

Welcome to our first blog post and welcome to our new brand Third Stone.

We hope you that you find our New Moon collection is everything that you have been looking for in a wool felt hat. We have worked hard to bring you a range that has a bit of everything from Fedora’s to cloche through to Sun hats and paperboys.

We believe we have you covered with a range of styles and brim sizes that both men and women can wear whether your looking for a resort hat such as the Larissa for your next exotic getaway or a more sophisticated chic look like our Elara for around the city, we know you will find something that will be just right for the occasion.

The name Third Stone actually came as a bit of a epiphany, we had the idea for the brand and knew the product and styles but we were really struggling for a name.

This went on for quite a few days, jotting down ideas on a piece of paper, taking photos with our phones of billboards and shop windows before sitting down at the end of the day and basically feeling like we were looking at a blank piece of paper, nothing was working. I now know how songwriters feel when they talk about writers block and we were only looking for one word not a whole song.

I find the best thing for writers block is to switch off totally, put some music on and drink some red wine. After a bottle and a half of Cab Sav a Jimi Hendrix song called “Third Stone from the Sun” came on. As soon as i heard it i knew that was the name we had been searching for. This was it, shit i better write that down as i have never been good at remembering things at the best of times let alone after a bottle and half of Margaret Rivers finest.

So now our baby was born and she was called: Third Stone. Enjoy the ride.