The Press Site

Well sorry for the extreme lack of posting lately, things have been a little crazy and our little brand is starting to take off. We have had amazing photo shoots in the states, trips to Hong Kong, doing my job that actually pays me as well as meetings in Sydney, which proved to be a win for Thirdstone with PR firm the press site coming on board to help us get the good word out on how amazing our wool felt hats are.

I was a little nervous going to meet with the guys from the press site, and to make things worse it was very hard to get a park nearby as is the way in Sydney. In my haste to make my appointment i managed to have a blowout in my thongs. And disaster i had no other shoes in the car and was no where near a shop to buy some new ones. So on top of being nervous i now looked like a hobo wearing no shoes through the streets of Sydney. However as soon as i met Frankie and Morgs we clicked and were on the same page about the direction of where we wanted to take the brand.

The Press site work with some amazing people including Jesinta Campbell, Nadia Fairfax and Renee Bargh, and i can’t wait to see some of these amazing girls in our hats including the Thalassa, Larissa, Pandora and Elara. With spring carnival coming up i am hoping to see lots of ladies rocking wool felt hats, the trend is hot right now and we have some of the best quality hats on the market.

So keep your eyes out in the weekly rags for Thirdstone fedoras and the like being worn by some of the countries most amazing women.