Pandora – Black


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Pandora is an inner satellite of Saturn.
The Pandora is a wide brim floppy fedora style wool hat made from 100% wool, it features cut out crosses in the brim for extra flair, silver Third Stone embellishment and custom hat box.

The Size Chart

All of our hats are unisex. Sizing is based upon the measurements indicated in the table below.

Hat Size cm inches
7 1/8 56 22 3/8
7 1/4 57 22 3/4
7 3/8 58 23 1/8
7 1/2 59 23 1/2
7 5/8 60 23 7/8

To pick your appropriate hat size:

  • Measure around your head with the tape measure starting in the middle of your forehead.
  • Measure the circumference of your head just above your ears, make sure the tape goes across the middle of that little bump on the back of your head.
  • Don't pull the tape too tight when measuring or your hat will be too tight. The hat should be comfortable on your head.
  • If you fall between two sizes don’t pick the larger of the two, write down the measurement and measure again to get the exact size.
  • Use the charts below as a guide to what size hat you will need.

Are you worried about selecting the wrong size? Don't be! Our returns policy allows you to return your item for a store credit or exchange of size if your hat doesn't fit.

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The best way to care for your hat is by spot cleaning it. We suggest spot cleaning your hat with a cloth, dampened with warm water. Please do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals as this may damage the original quality of the hat. Allow the hat to air dry by placing it in an open space. Please do not dry hats by putting in the dryer or using high heat, as this may also damage the quality of the hat.

Your hat will naturally pick up dust and fibres. Use a lint brush to gently brush them off.

If you need to reshape your hat we suggest using a garment steamer, the wool felt has a stiffening agent and once heated by the steam it is able to be moulded back to it’s original shape. If you would like to make your hat floppier/softer steam both the top and bottom of the brim and leave it to rest on a hat mould so that the brim is elevated and is not resting flat.