Winter hats… What to buy?

Headwear accessories are one of the most significant things that can spice up any look for the colder winter season, acting as a marker of the overall style and just being cool to experiment with. In any case, picking the hat according to your body and face type is the key to a successful look.
Possibly the most important aspect that you need to consider for deciding on which hat to buy is your own face shape. No matter how trendy and expensive a hat can be, if it doesn’t match your own facial features then it is not going to make you feel and look good. Therefore, you need to go for the correct options of winter hats, which will accentuate your best assets and will build up your looks instead of spoiling them.
Below is a few pointers on what to works for specific facial types
• Oval Face: Women with an oval face shape are the luckiest ones, as this is the most balanced and proportional face shape, which allows wearing almost any type of hat, be that a knitted beanie, a beret, a hair scarf, a bulky cap or the stylish ushanka-hat (the famous trooper hat). So you are free to experiment with any type of winter hats, finding the best options for your outfits and personal style.
• Round Face: Ladies with round faces should stick to broad-brimmed hats like the Thallasa, high crown ones, asymmetrical styles and slightly bulky options, which will visually slim down and elongate the face, making it look more balanced. Stick to structural hats to give definition to your best facial features. It’s important to avoid any tight-fitting hats and hat scarfs, which will instantly put the focus on the roundness of your face.
• Heart-Shaped Face: Those having a triangular or heart shaped face should go for tight-fitting hats, shawls and options having narrow brims such as the Rhea or Callisto, since if you pick something wide-brimmed you will make your wide forehead look even wider, which isn’t what you want to do. However, you should also avoid over-fitting models, which will focus on the upper part of your face. A bucket hat is one ideal option you can consider.
• Square Face: To give slightly round forms to your square face, go for brimmed hats such as the Elara or Ares, which will add softness to your looks. Asymmetrical forms of hats can also flatter your face shape. All the types of hats with earflaps are perhaps the best options you can consider.
• Oblong Face: To slightly shorten your oblong face and make it look ideally proportional, give preference to hats that cover your forehead leaving the cheeks and the cheekbones open. Retro cloche hats like the Helen and circular brimmed ones like the Pandora pulled down on the forehead are also good options for you. You should never pick hats with high crowns, which will make your oblong face look even longer.
Although at first sight a trivial detail, your hair color also plays a great role in finding the most ideal winter hat for you. Below we have some basic guidelines
• Brown-haired women are advised to go for hats in chocolate, black and blue shades.
• Blonde beauties should give their preference to grey, brown, black, blue, red and pink alternatives. Any bright shades will work in this case, however, light pastel colors aren’t that recommended, especially if you have a pale complexion.
• Brunettes will manage to accentuate their beautiful hair color wearing burgundy, blue and red hats. Generally, black-haired women can experiment with almost any shade, taking their outfits into account.
• Red-haired fashionisers can pick stylish hats in brown, gold, yellow, green, plum, black and grey. Red isn’t the best option in this case.
Apart from your peculiar face form and hair color, your body shape and height also have their influence on your choice of winter hats. So it turns out your hat should match your figure as well. Thus, you should also take these notes into consideration, when deciding to buy a certain hat:
• Tall women are recommended to go for voluminous headgear, like wide-brimmed options, fur and knitted styles. Avoid wearing small and tight-fitting hats, which will make your head look smaller in comparison with your height.
• On the other hand, petite slim women should ditch all forms of massive hats, which will make them look like mushrooms. Keep in mind that the brim of your hat can never be wider than your shoulders. Small and tight-fitting hats will balance your figure ideally. You can also try options with a high crown to slightly increase your height and appear taller.
• No matter tall or short, plus size women should never go for tiny hats. They should go for wide-brimmed hats and massive options, which will look harmonious with their body shapes.
• Women with broad shoulders should pick voluminous hats in lighter shades, preferably knitted or fur options.
Last but not least, you should treat winter hats as obligatory accessories, they will make your looks even brighter and more amazing. As you go out wearing a hat once, you’ll hardly ever be able to do without it, just like you always apply your makeup before going out. Good luck finding that perfect winter style.